Africa Learning Forum on Adaptation

Climate Resilient Livelihoods and Landscapes in the Sahel/West Africa Drylands

ALFA Sahel 2020 is hosting virtual activities:

Webinar N° 1.  April 28th 2020 : Current and future trends and impacts for climate resilient and secure livelihoods and landscapes in the Sahel
Webinar N° 2. June 3rd 2020: Natural resource governance for climate resilience and conflict management
Webinar N° 3. July 23rd, French only: Inclusive climate resilience approaches in the Sahel
Webinar N° 4. October 28th, French only: Gender Justice and Climate Resilience in the Sahel

Find the webinar recordings, presentations and summary outcomes in the Webinar Outcomes page .

ALFA Sahel is a forum for joint learning among practitioners, decision-makers and researchers on the challenges and opportunities for climate resilience in the Sahel.