The ALFA Sahel 2020 aims to to generate collective learning and exploration towards climate-resilient and secure livelihoods, landscapes and development in the Sahel and dryland areas of West Africa.   

ALFA Sahel 2020 provides an interactive platform for diverse, concerned actors to exchange learning and discuss difficult questions relating to reducing vulnerability and conflict for rural and mobile communities engaged in pastoralism, agro-pastoralism, farming, fishing and other livelihoods across Sahelian and dryland zones of West African countries.

ALFA Sahel 2020 aims to:

  1. Enhance knowledge on the intersections, challenges and opportunities for improving climate resilience and security across the diversity of people and landscapes of the Sahelian region.
  2. Strengthen cross-disciplinary and multi-level linkages for continued exchange of knowledge and learning among practitioners, policymakers and researchers.  
  3. Enhanced collective commitment to inclusive and holistic approaches for climate resilience and security across the Sahelian region.

The full concept for ALFA Sahel 2020 can be downloaded here.